April 18th marked the 10th meeting we have had with Pepco representatives. After all of this time and effort only 1 small change to job vacancy postings has been agreed to. The Company is refusing to even agree to the Articles both sides have said they don’t intend on making proposals over. And there are 5 of those!

As we reported in earlier posts, Local 1900 presented Pepco with our entire Preamble through Article 24 proposals on the very first day of negotiations, March 25th. Since then we have made additional proposals over subjects that would be in the General Memorandum of Understanding that accompanies the Contract.

We have not made our Benefits or other economic proposals yet.

While Pepco has made a number of proposals ranging from simple one-liners to major changes affecting multiple departments totaling dozens of pages, we are hampered by the most basic of problems; Pepco representatives don’t know our contract and many of their proposals are full of basic administrative errors and more serious inconsistencies from page to page. When we point these things out it is clear they had not performed any thorough checking of their proposals before handing them to us.

Next week's negotiating schedule is Tuesday April 23rd and Thursday April 25th. We will continue to work hard in attempting to reach a fair contract.

It is important to resist the temptation of listening to those who claim they have the “inside scoop” or confidential information.

An unfortunate incident occurred in the Transformer Shop at Benning earlier this week. A Local 1900 member who works in the Transformer Shop talked to several of his coworkers claiming he had inside knowledge of what has been going on during negotiations.

Not only were his claims totally false in every way, the nature of his false claims was damaging to the credibility of your Local 1900 leadership and could easily have created unnecessary anxiety among the other members who heard it.

We encourage everyone to look with a skeptical eye toward anyone who claims to have knowledge of the negotiations other than what we make available publicly. We also encourage everyone to challenge anyone making such claims to explain how they obtained such information.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or hear anything that pertains to these negotiations. Talk to a Steward. Check the Local 1900 bulletin boards at your work site. Check this website regularly. Sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter, 1900 VOLTS.

Attend one of May’s membership meetings; May 6 at Forestville Fire Dept., May 8 at Frederick Hampton Inn and May 9 at Hughesville American Legion. Local 1900 leadership will be there to answer your questions.