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Executive Board Vacancies (REVISED 2/4/14)

Retirements Create 2 Vacancies

Arbitrator Rules In Favor Of Past Practice

80 Pepco Call Center Reps Can Resume Choosing Shifts Based On Seniority

Arbitrator Selected For NRG RIF Grievance

Hearing Dates Being Discussed

Bylaws Dues Amendment Rejected

Next IBEW Per Capita Increase On January 1, 2014

Terminated Pepco Member Returns To Work

Arbitrator Awards Full Back Pay And Benefits

In Memoriam

Local 210 Journeyman Lineman Fatally Injured

Grievance Filed Over NRG Reduction-In-Force

Numerous Contract Violations Cited

NRG Energy To Solicit Voluntary Severance Elections

Starts Process Without Local 1900 Agreement

Local 1900 Executive Board Selects New Vice President

Executive Board Vacancy To Be Filled On July 25

Local 1900 Offices Moving

Same Street Address - New Suite Number

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