Pepco Sunday Premium Increase Not Implemented

The Article 6 Sunday premium was increased from 15% to 20% in the 2019 Pepco CBA (see Section 6.02.) That increase was agreed to go in effect upon contract ratification. The contract was ratified on September 23, 2019.

It came to our attention recently that Pepco had not implemented this increase. A single member called and brought it up after checking his pay stub.

We notified Pepco and they have identified 274 Local 1900 members who were not compensated properly for Sunday schedules. The retro amounts are scheduled to be in the May 29, 2020 pay.

The fact that it took 8 months before one of the 274 noticed this is worrisome. It has long been suspected that many of our Pepco members lose out of pay and premiums they earned because no one checks their pay stubs!

We have a labor contract with guarantees. Monthly dues pay for Local 1900 leadership to negotiate those labor contracts. Our compensation pays our bills. If we don’t pay attention to our pay we won’t pay attention to contract violations.

We encourage everyone in the membership to check their pay stubs regularly. Our lives are online now so it isn’t a stretch to ask that you go online to check your pay.

Pepco Stewards have been notified. We will receive a list of everyone’s retro pay. Call the office if you have any questions.