Local 1900 Executive Board Vacancy

Due to a recent opening the Executive Board will select a Local 1900 member to fill the unexpired term of the Pepco Weekly Board member from interested and qualified candidates at its December 17, 2020 regular meeting.

The Pepco Weekly Executive Board position represents all Pepco members in weekly-related classifications.

Please refer to the IBEW Constitution, Article 16, and Local 1900 Bylaws, Article 3.

Interested Local 1900 members who qualify for consideration to fill the Executive Board vacancy must notify Vice President Joe Hawkins in writing of such interest no later that the close of business on Monday December 14, 2020. This can be accomplished via email, fax or letter.

Contact information for Vice President Joe Hawkins:


IBEW Local 1900
1400 Mercantile Lane
Suite 256
Largo, Maryland 20774