NRG Basic Life Insurance Benefit Affirmed By Arbitrator

On July 13th Local 1900 received the arbitrator's award for the NRG basic life insurance case. The dispute centered on a claim by NRG that their Summary Plan Description for the Basic Life Insurance benefit calling for a reduction in the benefit once an active employee reached age 65 overruled the contract language.

Our contract with NRG says in Article 14, Section 14.7 (a) that "Life insurance benefits of 2x base pay, paid 100% by the Company, will be provided to each employee for the term of this Agreement."

NRG sent a reduced life insurance payment to the estate of an active Local 1900 NRG member from Chalk Point who passed away at the age of 66 in 2013. Local 1900 filed a grievance over the issue.

The case was heard on April 22nd, 2015.

The arbitrator agreed with Local 1900 on every issue. His award was very clear:

"This grievance is granted. [The] estate will be paid the life insurance benefit according to [Section] 14.7(a), less any amount already paid. The Arbitrator will retain jurisdiction for 30 days for the sole purpose of resolving any disputes that may arise out of the implementation of this Award."

This award will result in a payment to our deceased Brother's estate in excess of $55,000.00.

Please remember that the NRG contract was recently extended for 3 years to June of 2018. This benefit is in place at least until then.